Buy organic potatoes

Buy organic potatoes in season, eat in low season.
Conclusion: We recommend buying potatoes exclusively from organic production. It may be here that the potatoes can not be stored for a long time in the spring and expire more quickly.

If you drink potatoes at home, there is no need to throw them away. Only the shoots should be removed and cut generously, since they form solanine, a poison found in the green areas of the potato. Solanine, if consumed in related amounts, can cause nausea, burning and scratching in the throat.

Therefore, do not expel the potatoes quickly in the home, keep them fresh (but not very cold, that is, between 4 and 8 degrees) and dark. When stored at less than 4 degrees, the potatoes begin to break into sugar and have a surprisingly sweet flavor.

If you buy traditional potatoes, peel them anyway before preparing them. If there are new potatoes available, select them because they can not be stored anyway and, therefore, are rarely treated, unlike potato stockings.

Maybe we should go back to the normal rhythm, eat potatoes only as long as they can be stored without chemicals, enjoy other accompaniments in the summer and wait for the new harvest of potatoes in the fall.

Information on the health characteristics of the potato can be found here: potatoes – basic, healthy and delicious

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No bananas for breakfast?

Holders of other portals often return, such as those who say that bananas can never be eaten at breakfast. But what should be bad for bananas? Should not you eat for breakfast? One expects new revelations and previously unknown properties of known fruits. But then the properties are displayed, some of which are not available until the unrecognized effects are listed. CONCLUSION: Bananas can be eaten very well for breakfast.

Bananas for breakfast: Yes or no?
The first one is listening, if one reads the title: “The doctor warns: do not eat bananas at breakfast”.

The doctor is Daryl Geoffrey, who calls himself an orthopedic and health care consultant. In the American media, the New Yorker is called “nutritionist and longevity expert”, who is said to have developed a special nutritional form. At the same time he is Reikimeister, a super marathon and former sugar addict.

Since physicians often have a primitive knowledge of nutrition, the corresponding title in this context does not automatically show great efficiency.

Bananas only with fat breakfast?
Bananas are now excellent for increasing quick energy, even Gioffre, but you should not eat them for breakfast. Although the fruit is very healthy, rich in potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6 and many other vital substances, it is easy to digest and, therefore, it is recommended for babies and intestinal diseases. But strangely, despite all its health benefits, breakfast should not be eaten. Then, “you can lose the basic benefits of the fruit.”

Gioveff’s solution is: you must eat bananas with healthy fats together, Keto blast then you can have breakfast suddenly. Why the fat? In short: bananas, as Joffer explains, contain many acids and must be neutralized with fat. If one does not do it, one can not absorb the “important ingredients” well.

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