Those who love vegetables live longer


Vegetables guarantee a longer life! This is the conclusion of a British study recently published in a famous magazine. Lifestyle and diet were examined by more than 65,000 people. It is clear that those who love to eat fresh fruits and vegetables Tevida in particular have died of cancer, heart disease or other causes of death. In short, they lived longer. However, it seems to prolong the life of fresh vegetables and fruits only, while canned products and purchased juices have the opposite effect.


Fruits and vegetables: five good parts, seven better parts.

Nutrition experts have predicted properties that improve Tevida CANADA the health of fruits and vegetables for decades. The study says that eating five servings a day is ideal to provide enough antioxidants, fiber and many vitamins.


But what is the part? Simple: around 80 grams. A small apple, for example, or two medium-sized carrots.


The weight of some fruits and vegetables. And you’ll see that it’s not much if you eat that portion five times a day.


Yes, you can now eat two meals for breakfast (like bananas and apples in your cereal). Then follow another meal as a snack in the morning (for example, the option of الخيار to a full roll). For lunch, there are two additional servings (160 grams of vegetables that you choose). You will have the five parts together.


You may want to get more vegetables for lunch, have a green drink in the afternoon and in the evening you can eat a vegetable soup or a piece of vegetable pizza. Then you already have at least seven servings of fruits and vegetables.






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