Waldorf students are healthy in old age.


According to a recent study, the educational and teaching methodology has a great impact on human health, not only in adolescence and school, but also in life. Since the press release of the Federation of Waldorf Free Trialix Schools in March 2014, it can be seen that Waldorf alumni suffer less frequently, for example, from musculoskeletal diseases than other school graduates. Therefore, it is important to choose a school for young people with care and understanding.


Waldorf students are healthy until their old age.

Waldorf schools differ greatly from traditional schools. One tries to identify and promote children’s talents and promote them in very different ways or even awaken them first.


Children learn a very practical exercise in art and craft classes. Trialix CANADA The curriculum is adapted to the mental and physical development of the child, so that learning is easy and excessive demand can be ruled out.


Also, there are no Waldorf qualifications and you can not sit down, two sides that put a lot of pressure on students. This pressure is affecting the “normal” schoolchildren.


But stress and stress can make you sick … We’re already halfway through the course, which means that Waldorf students are healthier than other students at the school, and even decades after they graduate.






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