A diet rich in nutrients to treat hair loss.

A diet rich in nutrients to treat hair loss.
Protein deficiency can be an important guide to treat hair loss, but other causes can also be studied.

Food bottlenecks in vitamins A, D, and E can also cause hair loss, such as hormonal fluctuations, incompatible products for hair care, and medications (such as antibiotics). In addition, hair growth slows down as part of the natural aging process.

Therefore, provide your body with the best possible weapons on the road to life: with a basic and balanced diet and avoid detergents like industrial sugar, it will keep your hair in old age.

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In addition, in the European panorama of health and fitness, the thermos can be erected soon. At the same time, the thermoses are also introduced as a protein supplement in the form of protein tablets.

The legumes combine the eight essential amino acids, called whole proteins. Keto Blast Although Lupine is not a miracle remedy that can replace lost hair easily, the basic thermos procedure can help address the main causes of hair loss: the proper balance of acid base and optimal protein supply are the best conditions for healthy hair growth.

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