Electronic cigarettes: less

Electronic cigarettes: less harmful than being healthy
“Less harmful” does not mean “healthy” for electronic cigarettes either. In addition, the question arises of how well the complaints of smokers have already improved if they have stopped smoking altogether (or “fumigation”). But the study did not reveal anything about it.

Compared to conventional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes can be less harmful to older smokers and, therefore, better options, but at the same time represent a significant risk for young people and non-smokers, who are initially threatened by e-underestimated cigarettes. Start smoking or steaming cigarettes and, in the case of non-smokers, they suddenly become involuntary involuntary involuntary ones.

You could compare them to replace methadone drugs for heroin addicts. Methadone is certainly better than heroin, but it is still far from being healthy or meaningful for the rest of the population. Similarly, electronic  magnum trt cigarettes can be defined as an alternative medication for former smokers and to fulfill their purpose in this regard, healthy or recommended, it is not, because it helps all smokers who are concerned about the benefit groups.

Especially because its logic strongly reminds us of previous campaigns in the tobacco industry, think only of ads that state that smoking is “fun” or “a symbol of freedom.”

Addictions are still addictive, even if they hide behind another tunic. Therefore, the main focus is prevention, so that fewer people do not have a bad smell or electronic cigarettes.

The study proves: electronic cigarettes do not help stop smoking
Interest groups often argue that electronic cigarettes can support and help smokers to quit smoking, an assessment also suggested by the Croydon University study. However, a new analysis from the University of California at San Francisco comes to a very different conclusion.

This study, published for the first time in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine on January 14, 2016, is called meta-analysis. In this largest study to date, data from 38 previously published articles have been used, which have more closely analyzed the relationship between the use of electronic cigarettes and smoking cessation.

The result of the meta-analysis is clear: smokers who smoke electronic cigarettes are 28 percent less likely to quit. Ergo does not help electronic cigarettes in any way to stop smoking altogether, but, on the contrary, makes it difficult to quit.

By the way, the results of the study are supported by many other personalities from the United States and the United Kingdom, which show that most steam boats still use tobacco either regularly or on occasion. After all, in the United Kingdom, that’s right

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