Spinach spaetzle preparation:

Spinach spaetzle preparation:

Mix all the ingredients, except the spinach, with a wooden spoon until you get a soft paste until they break.

Wash spinach, dry, cut into small pieces and mix with the dough.

Boil a bowl of water with a little salt and a Prache cream tablespoon of sunflower oil. Then dispose of the hair noodles by hand with scrapers and with the knob or sieve Knopfli or the press of pasta in water / pressing.

When the spaetzle is swimming, they are ready and can be removed with a cracked spoon. It is best to place it in a colander with a collection container and drain it well. When all spazets are ready, wash them briefly with cold water and drain them. Set aside

Asparagus cream preparation:

Wash the asparagus, peel and cut the wooden tips. In a bowl of salted water, the asparagus is lightly cooked for 15 minutes until it hardens. Remove and drain. Place 400 ml of asparagus clay on the side. All the ingredients (asparagus, spices, almonds and 250 ml of asparagus) in a blender blender.

Preparation of mushrooms:

The mushrooms are clean and sliced. Shallots are shaved and rolled. Heat the oil in a pan and then fry the leeks and mushrooms. Add the pepper and the yeast syrup, mix with water and boil. Season with salt.


Preheat the spitzel in a large skillet with a little olive oil. Carefully fold the asparagus cream and heat briefly with the lid closed. Mix spicele in 4 plates and add the mushrooms.

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