Gluten-free alternatives

Gluten-free alternatives
In particular, you are vegetarian or vegetarian. You do not necessarily have to recognize the Palio diet (a type of Stone Age diet completely without cereals, legumes and dairy products).

There are very valuable cereals or semifalts, without gluten, such as rice, millet, quinoa, buckwheat and corn that can enrich our logical food system through its important food contribution. Healthy food stores and well-stocked supermarkets now store gluten-free flour and baked goods.

However, these products should be used with caution. Also in the organic sector, most industrial products are manufactured, whose advanced composition mimics the gluten binding properties of grains that contain gluten and has little to do with natural nutrition.

Traditionally, barley bread of fermented dough is usually better tolerated than other types of bread. Turned grain has the advantage that the protein barely converts into digestion using a ring formed by a process of nucleation Keto Viante of enzymes into readily usable amino acids. The best type of bread made from cultivated grains is Essenerbrot, available at health food stores, which are baked at low temperatures (around 100 degrees) and have a low glycemic index. Even legumes with high quality vegetable protein and B vitamins barely overlook a smaller amount of compatible grains.

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