Although eating disorders are

Although eating disorders are psychological in nature, the study highlights the need to consider metabolic risk factors, as well as the psychological, social, cultural and environmental components, Yilmaz said. “Differences in childhood weight began among adolescents who later developed eating disorders at a very early age, a very early method that social pressures can not cause them to be thin or fat.The most likely explanation is that the underlying metabolic factors are driven by genetics. “These individuals may be predisposed to the weight of metabolism, and this is in line with our other genetic work that has highlighted the metabolic component of anorexia nervosa.”

The corresponding author of this study is Nadia Micali, MD, MRCPsych PhD, professor at vexgen keto the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva and director of the Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Surgery for Adolescents and Pediatrics of the University of Geneva.

“Our findings also highlight the multifactorial combination of eating disorders, in addition to the need to develop early detection tools that can be used as part of routine examinations by all pediatricians. problem, Mikali will say: “It can be administered, especially if support is given to the family as a whole, not just the person.”

The co-authors of UNC are Nisha C. Gottfredson, PhD, Stephanie C. Zerwas, PhD, and Cynthia M. Bulik, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Eating Disorders and Founding Director of the UNC Center for Excellence for Eating Disorders.

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